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Specializing in cell tower site acquisition and development, land and tower leasing, due diligence, real estate and telecommunications construction.



About Us

Shoreline Telecom is a privately held company formed to develop, own and manage telecommunication infrastructure in the United State market. Shoreline draws on extensive experience in the fields of cell tower site acquisition and development, land and tower leasing and due diligence, real estate and telecommunications construction. We are well equipped both in market resources and funding to move quickly to lease, entitle and construct your wireless telecommunication site, and to get you on air before the forecast date.

Our model includes leasing space to all major wireless carriers such as AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, Cricket, MetroPCS along with federal, state and local government agencies and a variety of other users who need, engage and deploy wireless telecommunication solutions.

Our real estate lease model is to deal with landowners in an atmosphere of respect and consideration for the value that they contribute to the overall transaction. All landowners and land leases are handled personally by the company founder and CEO.

Shoreline Telecom is, by design a smaller company equipped to target sites that need more focused attention and expedited movement by experienced industry professionals.


Site Development

Doing business with Shoreline Telecom is simple. If you are a client that needs expedited site development, or has a site that you have not been able to lock down, one call to Shoreline Telecom is all you need. We will take your search ring and provide you with quality candidates so you can make a fast and intelligent decision. Shoreline Telecom has extensive experience appearing before planning commissions and zoning boards with proven success. Having such a deep background in real estate gives us an edge as we are familiar with both the process and the negotiating skills required for expeditious site entitlement. Having managed the acquisition and building of a large number of sites also gives us great insight into the site attributes required for an “A” candidate.

Shoreline Telecom’s tower leasing philosophy is to structure leases so that customers want to locate and STAY on one of our towers! Our lease provisions are based not on charging the customer for every single piece of additional equipment but on a fair and stable lease rate that reflects equity for both sides.

Turn-Key Site Development

Site Acquisition

Full Leasing, Zoning and Real Estate Services

Construction Management

On-Site or Remote Project Management

Tower Construction

Turnkey Tower Construction Service

Legal & Lease Review


Environmental Due Diligence

Phase 1 & 2, Wetlands, Mitigation Plans

FCC & FAA Filing

Full Federal Application and Compliance

A&E Services

Full Architect & Engineering Services

Special Zoning Representation


Land Owners

If you are a land owner that is considering a telecommunication site on your property, call us. Having managed the development and construction of over 1,000 telecom sites gives us valuable insight. We will work with you to structure a lease that makes financial sense for you.

If you are a landowner who is considering a telecommunications site on your property, click below.

Meet the Team

  • Alexander Hamka
    Alexander Hamka Founder

    Hamka’s business of handling the image a variety of Forbes magazine companies, systematic entrepreneurs, CEO’s and proprietors of multi-billion dollar companies has clients turning to this businessman and master tailor for top tier image consulting. He has overseen multi-millions of dollars in sales revenue both in his personal business, Alexander’s Custom Clothiers, as well as outside investments.

    As an avid investor in an assortment of businesses, Alexander’s drive and passion surpasses his immediate profession. Of his ventures, his involvement in real estate development has given him an edge in the competitive metro Detroit area. He has also become an investor in the retail pharmacy industry and will begin franchising opportunities in the coming years.

  • Pancho D. Hall
    Pancho D. Hall Parnter

    Hall is responsible for $10Billion Constellation’s sales revenues to more than 100,000 commercial, industrial and public sector customers including regional sales, national accounts, public sector, solar, and energy efficiency. He leads a team of 8 VPs including marketing, analytics, and training. Hall is a well-respected senior executive who has routinely been called upon to resolve the toughest business challenges with profit, unions, change management, startups, restructures, and capital investment. Hall has had a number of big leadership roles in finance, HR, operations, sales, general management, retail stores, manufacturing, fleet, maintenance, startups, and spinoffs. He has participated on many high profile boards with CEOs including Charles Koch, and CEOs from Lear Jet, Cessna, Raytheon, and IPHFHA President (Pizza Hut Franchise) Board. Hall has participated on Executive Boards including The Chamber, Big Brothers, Wadsworth Academy, and City Year.

  • Raj Tank
    Raj Tank Partner

    Raj has 25  years of professional experience in leading the largest ground up technology deployments in the United States and has completed some of the largest deployments and modernization programs in the wireless industry. He has  proven record of being able to successfully disrupt the market by re-inventing cost structure and turning around programs that were in jeopardy. 

    He has managed annual budgets of well over a billion dollars and has over the span of his career managed the deployment of well over 5K sites. His network responsibilities included coverage of 100M+ pops and 10,000 sites across the country with approximately 10M active subscribers.

    Raj has been a leader in 3 of the 4 major wireless companies and is media spokesperson that has previously represented the Cricket and T-Mobile brands promoting a positive public image on both NBC and CBS television, as well as the Chicago Tribune, Daily Herald and other industry analyst organizations

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